At Your Service

This one’s a good one.  It’s basically the backbone of my whole philosophy: Treat every task you do as your product and every person you do things for as your customer.  Then give them the best customer experience they’ve ever had!

Let’s play this out like you’re a server in a restaurant:

You are asked to perform a task, the equivalent of a customer sitting at your table.  What should you do?  Write down the order.  In detail.  Ask questions so you know what you need to deliver, in what format and when.  Just like you’re asking what kind of dressing they want on their salad.  If there is anything you’re unsure of, now’s the time to ask.  You should have a pleasant, upbeat, “CAN DO” attitude throughout this entire process.  Offer them service with a smile.

Now it’s time to get to work.  Do everything you can to over-deliver.  Hurry up and get that order sent back to the kitchen.  Obviously, you should meet the deadline, but better yet BEAT it whenever possible.  Work quickly and efficiently.  No matter what the due date is, your deadline is always ASAP.  You never want your customer asking “where’s my food” right?

Also obvious, check for mistakes.  Always be mindful of how you present your work.  The physical appearance of your work as well as your physical presence when you are presenting it should be neat, organized and as free from errors as possible.  Go back over the “order” you took and make sure everything is there and that it looks appealing.  Is the steak overcooked?  Fire another one on the fly!

Learn to anticipate what others may need, what objections may be raised to something you need, and problems that may arise so you can address them ahead of time.  Do whatever you can to make things convenient and easy.  If you know they will want something printed, do it for them, etc.  So basically bring them a drink refill before they ask, offer to wrap their leftovers instead of just bringing them a box.  Oh and this customer is a regular, so you know they always have coffee and dessert.  Just go ahead and bring it out without them asking.

You’re assignment is coming to a close … you’re bringing the check.  Ask for feedback.  Ask if there is anything else you can do.  Make sure they’re coming back and when they do … they’ll request their favorite server.

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